URLVir is an online security service developed by NoVirusThanks Company Srl that automatically monitors changes of malicious URLs (executable files). The usage of this service is recommended only to security experts, we show paths of dangerous urls, so make sure you do not download anything, unless you know what you are doing.

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Last checked malicious executable URLs

In total we are monitoring 103 active malicious URLs.

ChangedURLIP AddressFile MD5 HashFile SizeStatus
2016-08-26 http://robertsplacements.ru/torrent/sample.exe 00184ab4e7eeadbc75de7c5eade980d4 509.32 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 http://yumbrad.com/wp-content/plugins/youtuber/pm.dll 010acd87444639ba12dba34040b292dc 99.00 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 062689f1159821dcc74c50b023fbe0f6 108.79 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 42ee76b3842dc9ce2175eb76773c467a 245.39 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 http://elolontha.eleven-spray.ru/nethost.exe 3a70a436846d02ef380711ac6431acba 616.00 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 a3df5449798d43db43ccbb3aa7ac11f6 343.62 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 b0a25ba56291fac1ad1b9c56109d11a8 1022.97 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 http://micromgroup.com/server/slideshow.exe 69888e41f513cca0f37afcc6880255b3 730.59 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 3601e802196f2f21658ff8962a4d6a9b 378.12 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 5bda5c5bf8aa981f97626c80c62fe813 543.00 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 http://f68wdifa67.duckdns.org/dl/54ed65rgtyuh.exe e909efb905ec066a68a6d0d67d222e04 1.63 MB ONLINE
2016-08-26 8b6df344e707990bf058dd0050e163ec 688.50 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 c3e1bf22bb6fd223186f34cfd6b08229 378.13 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 c6b36dc47bc4009131fab83171cbe470 197.50 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 http://otagetmangal.com/wp-admin/halifia_output4669F20.exe 1ab99c7d026e44f91b2135bf426cc8c0 188.00 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 http://pics.theadultgame.ru/js/boxun4.exe 5d6a4d5807b321b77056b3b16e235cca 288.00 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 a5da43405b18e96482ec0b467007e1fe 266.89 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 http://danieledah2016.com/counter/2.bin 6650357d20c053d83a2d57749a0cf2e4 177.31 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 http://faradaxa.com/aaa/order.exe 594297e9a312f641aec5609f83fdd973 109.50 KB ONLINE
2016-08-26 9e064281eb82ff0f53680beea2ba37d0 1.25 MB ONLINE

We have downloaded 2,507 malware executable files.